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Transform concepts into captivating presentations with our AI. Watch your ideas materialize in real-time, effortlessly impressing your audience

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Images in Background

Elevate your content with captivating visuals using background images

Customize Number of Slides

Tailor your presentations precisely to the length you need, slide by slide

Customize Presentation Structure

Craft a narrative that resonates by customizing your presentation's structure

Output as PPTs, And PDFs

Ensure your content remains editable and dynamic by exporting as PowerPoint files

Instant One-Click PPTs

Generate impactful presentations instantly with a single click, hassle-free

Cross Language Presentations

Break language barriers effortlessly; create presentations in any language

Your Ideas, Our Spark: Ignite Creativity!

Unleash your creativity with our powerful tool designed for every occasion. Whether it's transforming educational content, breathing life into assignments, or making professional presentations, we provide the canvas for your imagination to thrive.

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AI is revolutionizing presentation design by enhancing user experience, promoting creativity and accessibility. Despite challenges like data security, future trends like augmented reality and AI-driven design are promising.
Taveesh Anand
July 12, 2023
min read
implicity in presentations enhances communication and engagement. Minimalist designs reduce cognitive load, emphasizing clear messaging and strategic visuals. White space, fonts, and interactive simplicity play crucial roles. Practical tips and real-world examples aid in creating effective minimalist presentations.
Taveesh Anand
July 12, 2023
min read
Unleash the Impact of Visual Consistency! Dive into the art of harmonizing fonts, colors, and imagery in presentations. Elevate your design with unified elements, brand identity, and practical tips. Embrace this transformative journey, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
Taveesh Anand
July 12, 2023
min read


Got Questions? Dive into the Wonderland of Wisdom!

Are the presentations compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint?

Certainly! Our presentations are meticulously crafted in ppt format, ensuring seamless compatibility with all major presentation tools available in the market. You can confidently create, edit, and share your work across platforms without any hassle.

Do we have an API?

At the moment, we don't offer a public API. However, we're more than willing to explore tailored integration solutions based on your unique requirements. For detailed discussions and possibilities, please get in touch with our team at We're always open to enhancing our services to meet your specific needs.

Can you create presentations in different languages?

Absolutely! We understand the global nature of communication, so we've made it effortless for you. Simply provide your content in your preferred language, and our AI-powered tool will transform it into a beautifully crafted presentation in the same language. We support a wide array of languages to cater to your diverse audience.

Is there a limit on the number of slides in a presentation?

Yes, there are limitations based on your subscription. Free users can create up to 8 slides per presentation, while our valued paid subscribers enjoy the freedom of crafting presentations with up to 20 slides each. Plus, there's an added bonus: no restrictions on the number of presentations you can create with our paid plans. So, unleash your creativity and create as many engaging presentations as you desire!

Can I add custom images to the presentations?

Currently, direct addition of custom images is not available. However, fear not! We're actively working on this feature to enhance your creative options. Your feedback is essential, and if you're as excited as we are about this addition, drop us an email. Your enthusiasm fuels our progress, and we're determined to expedite our product roadmap with your support.

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